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When can the police subject juveniles to searches?

Being confronted by the police for any reason can be a rather stressful time, especially for juveniles. When alleged crimes are involved, many younger individuals may not necessarily understand their rights before, during or after an arrest. Sadly, there are instances when police officers in Ontario may take advantage of this and violate the rights of a young suspect.

When sleeping it off can get you into trouble

Everyone knows that getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after a night of boozing is dangerous. It could lead to you losing your life, and could lead to injuring or killing others. Nevertheless, what if the only alternative is to sleep it off in your car? Apparently, in Ontario, even if you're snoozing in the back seat after having been drinking, you may have a tough time if the police find you.

A positive alternative for Toronto juveniles facing charges

Most parents and law enforcement authorities in Toronto know and understand that mistakes are part of growing up and could be important tools in the development of responsible adults. However, the manner in which they react to mistakes and treat the offender may determine a positive or negative outcome. You likely understand that crimes cannot go unpunished, but nobody would want you to pay for a misdemeanour for the remainder of your life.


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