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I got pulled over by the cops. Now what do I do?

If you have been signaled by a police officer to stop, you should pull over and stop the car. The reason a police officer has pulled you over is either you have broken a law, or they have reason to believe you have broken a law. Being pulled over allows police offer to determine if any laws have been violated or not, and what to do next.

A police officer will likely ask you questions in order to obtain more information to determine if you are guilty of committing an office or not. According to Ontario traffic laws, you will need to show proof that you are legally allowed to drive (a driver’s licence) and ownership of the vehicle (registration).

According to Ontario’s Steps to Justice website, you don’t have to answer any of their questions, as anything you say or do can be used against you in a court of law. However, being unnecessarily rude will most likely not help the situation. Also, if you are travelling with passengers, your passengers do not have to answer any question, or provide any ID. The only exception is if the police believe a criminal offence has occurred.

An officer can also ask you to take a breathalyzer. You could refuse to provide a sample, but that would likely result in a charge for refusing to comply with a police demand. Being found guilty of this charge can result in a fine and a loss of driving privileges. Repeat offences could result in jail time.

Police are also not allowed to search your car without a warrant. They may look through the windows. The only exception is if they have reasonable grounds to believe there is evidence of a criminal nature that could be removed if they wait.

If you think you were wrongly treated by a police officer while being pulled over, or wrongly arrested over certain protocols, consult a criminal defence lawyer. Its important to know what your rights are, and how they apply to your specific situation in order to avoid any charges.

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