I recently retained Mr. Paul Erskine's services for a matter that required immediate attention. I was referred to Mr. Erskine by another lawyer. Mr. Erskine is a confident, professional individual. He took the time to explain in full detail the possible outcome of the charges brought against me. It was understood and I felt assured, after the first meeting with him, that I would retain Mr. Erskine as my lawyer. Through my experience regarding my case, it was resolved with ease. In future I would definitely recommend Mr. Erskine to be retained as a defense lawyer regarding any criminal charges. Many thanks you Mr. Erskine.

I would recommend Mr. Paul Erskine for his professional services provided to a friend of mine in a case that I was involved in too. His advice to us both before the trial was very encouraging and positive. We both went through this case with peace of mind which led to him being able to resolve this case. He is an excellent criminal lawyer.

Getting a lawyer has always been, as most of us can attest, a difficult and strenuous task to do. A fears that surround us is being able to make sure that we are properly represented in a court of law. Mr. Paul Erskine has done that and more. More in the sense that he represented my case with utmost care. Talking to him is like talking not to a lawyer but to a friend. He understood and accommodated my plight. He dealt with me on a level of sincerity, comfort, and compassion that a family member or best friend can provide in times of need. I could go further with all the good things that I have to say about Mr. Erskine. What I would advise anybody who approached me, is that they seek his counsel in their time of legal need and I swear they will experience a true person and a man of good faith.

Mr. Erskine represented my nephew...and did a great job. He not only advised us on the position the Crown was taking he stayed on top of the situation until they decided there was not enough evidence to continue with the case. I definitely recommend Paul Erskine.
-R.A. for client M.D.

Disclaimer:  Past results are not indicative of future results.  Further, the outcome of criminal litigation will depend on each individual case and will vary according to the individual facts of each case.