Strong, Tactical Defence Against Weapons Charges

A gun, a knife, a blunt object — pretty much anything that can be used to apply force might be considered a weapon in criminal cases where the object is concealed, used or re-purposed in the wrong way. Many of these charges carry guaranteed jail time upon conviction.

My name is Paul Erskine. As a criminal defence lawyer based in Brampton, my goal is to work towards a solution that minimizes the consequences you might face.

Gathering All The Facts Of The Case

It's important that you know all the facts about the situation when you're facing a weapons charge. Your story alone may not contain all the information to make a strong defence. I can help you find the correct responses to key questions such as:

  • Can the authorities prove it was you who possessed the weapon?
  • Did the police have the right to search you?
  • Were their reasons valid?
  • What evidence does the prosecutor have against you?

After carefully reviewing all of the relevant information, I will determine possible defence tactics and help you choose one that works best.

Fighting To Avoid Mandatory Minimum Sentences

An offence involving a weapon can carry mandatory minimum sentences. This means guaranteed jail time if there's a conviction. For example, possession of a handgun could earn you a minimum sentence of four years in prison, depending on the circumstances.

In order to avoid mandatory sentences, careful attention needs to be given to the details of the charges made.

  • Was the weapon discovered on you legally?
  • Does your charge match the situation?
  • What are the consequences of the charges?

At Erskine Law, I will focus my energy on your situation and identify if there's a legitimate case against you and what your defence options exist.

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