Navigating Charges Of Theft, Fraud Or Robbery

It's okay if you don't know the difference between theft, fraud and robbery. The majority of people do not.

My name is Paul Erskine, and I can tell you that taking someone's mobile device doesn't necessarily mean you committed a robbery. It's important to know how to draw these distinctions, where they apply, and then how to prove them.

Whether you were associated with shoplifting, auto theft, armed robbery or a financial crime in Brampton, Erskine Law can help you sort through your charges and fight a solid defence.

Examining The Charge Against You

Just because you were charged with an offence doesn't always mean the charge is accurate. I can identify exactly what offence was committed, what your options are and how you can build a strong defence. Knowing the correct details of the situation and how to use them to your advantage will determine what defence strategies you can use.

I'll examine the details of your situation and determine what can or cannot be used against you, such as:

  • Is this is your first offence? What if it's not?
  • How will your criminal history affect the case?
  • What concrete evidence do the courts have?
  • What other personal information, such as bank records, can affect your case?

After carefully reviewing these details, I will determine what charges can stick, where the weaknesses are, and what you can fight.

Creating The Right Defence

Valuable details in theft/and robbery cases can often be found in key areas of the prosecution's case — many of which you may not have considered. For example, the area of surveillance can provide a lot of information crucial to your defence. Analyzing how you were identified in a crime is key to determining if there's a strong case against you.

With my experience as a criminal defence lawyer, we'll determine what key areas we can use in your defence, and how we can leverage these facts to build your case.

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