Fighting Impaired Driving Charges And Other Driving Offences

A victory against a driving offence charge for one person may look different from a victory for someone else.

You may want to dispute the charges to avoid a criminal conviction appearing on a background check by a future employer. Or you may wish to get your licence back as soon as possible and will accept a reduced charge to make this happen.

My name is Paul Erskine, and I'm a criminal defence lawyer serving the Brampton area. What's important to me is to find out what winning looks like for you and to help you pursue it. My objective is to find the defence that uniquely suits your situation and goes after the goals you want to achieve.

What Goals Are Most Important To You?

Convictions on impaired driving charges and other driving offences can be severe. You could potentially lose your licence or you could face heavy restrictions if allowed to get behind the wheel of a vehicle again.

Depending on the offence, there could be many different strategies for defending driving charges. But finding the right defence depends on you.

Whatever your goal is, I will listen. I'll fight your case in a way that supports your best interests and aims to minimize the consequences.

What If You Were Charged With Impairment By Drugs?

Alcohol isn't the only impairment that can result in a suspended licence or a prison sentence. You can also be considered impaired while driving if you're suspected to be under the influence of drugs.

With targeted drug policies in place and stricter standards inside the courtrooms, these types of charges are becoming more frequent. And their consequences are often just as harsh.

At Erskine Law, I can help you sort through these evolving rules and procedures, and help you identify any grey areas that can turn up in your case.

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