How Drug Charges Can Affect You

From buying and selling marijuana to possessing and trafficking more severe substances, the consequences of drug convictions can be devastating to your future. They could show up on a criminal record search by a potential employer or they could warrant a prison sentence.

My name is Paul Erskine. After practising criminal law for 14 years in Brampton, I'll make sure you understand the nature of the drug charges laid against you, what your defences are and how the outcomes may affect you.

Were Your Rights Violated?

Knowing your rights is important when you're involved with offences involving drugs. The process of how substances are discovered and identified must fall in line with specific codes of conduct. If you were apprehended or searched in a way that violated any legal policies or the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, would you know?

As a criminal defence lawyer, I can tell you what your rights are and how to address any breaches of conduct when dealing with offences relating to drugs.

There's No Detail Too Small

Great defences are built on knowing all the facts about the situation. There's no reason to be afraid or embarrassed to tell me something about your case. Whatever you tell me, I've likely heard it before.

The only action I will take with the information you provide is to formulate a defence that fights for your interests.

At Erskine Law, I will dedicate my time, focus and experience to break down the complexities of your case. I'll help you understand the situation, where you may have gone wrong, and how we can avoid any repercussions for your future.

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